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What flavors pair well with bourbon?

What flavors pair well with bourbon?

Slices of apples, pears, peaches, oranges blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries will all be interesting additions to the tasting. Even green and black olives work well in a tasting. Finally, an assortment of chocolates should be served. Chocolate has both concentrated sugars but also tannins.

What fruits pair well with bourbon?

Dried Fruit: Some cranberries, dates, apricots, apples or even pineapple. Dried fruits concentrate the sugars in the fruit and create some very interesting flavor changes in Bourbon. Fresh Fruits: Orange slices, apples, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and peaches are all good.

What sweet goes with bourbon?

Desserts Made Better with Bourbon

  • Bourbon-Glazed Brown Sugar Pecan Poundcake.
  • Bourbon-Caramel Pumpkin Tart.
  • Bittersweet Chocolate-Bourbon Pops.
  • Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce.
  • Bourbon Chocolate Cake.
  • Crème Caramel.
  • Bourbon Chocolate Mousse.
  • Bourbon-Chocolate Pecan Pie.

What snacks go with bourbon?

Some of our favorites to pair with the best bourbons are soft, gooey brie, smoked gouda, and a bit of aged, white cheddar. A little bit of funk never hurt, either, so don’t be afraid to try some stronger fromage. There is no limit to what cheeses you can pair.

What nuts go with whiskey?

Sweet nuts like pecans, pistachios, and Marcona almonds go well with peaty, strong whiskeys. A sweeter whiskey will pair better with a less sweet nut, like Brazil nuts or walnuts. If you’re looking for a companion for smokier whiskeys, try heavily roasted nuts.

What foods pair well with whiskey?

Aged cheddar goes well with Whiskies having a smoky flavor. While strong blue cheese goes well with spicer Whiskies. Soft cheese such as brie or goat cheese goes well with light fragrant whiskies with a touch of sweetness. Dried Fruits and nuts: You can’t ever go wrong with dried fruits and nuts.

What fruit goes best with whiskey?

Opting for apples and pears, or other tart fruits, is a much better option, and can really help bring out the natural flavors in your whiskey.

What is a good dessert with whiskey?

Six Great Dessert Whiskeys

  • Jefferson’s Reserve Old Rum Cask Finish.
  • The Dalmore 2011 Rivers Collection Tay Dram.
  • Egan’s Single Malt Irish Whiskey.
  • James F.C. Hyde 1857 Original Sorgho Whiskey.
  • Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Brandy Finish.
  • Heritage Distilling Elk Rider Bourbon.

What dessert goes well with whiskey?

Don’t Skip Dessert With its many layers of honey, caramel, vanilla, raisins, and stone fruit, whiskey represents the perfect mate for your sweet ending. Be it cheesecake, devil’s food cake, or a cinnamon-scented apple crisp, there’s a whiskey that fits.

What cheese goes with bourbon?

When pairing cheese with bourbon—or any liquor—the most important idea is to match intensity. Pick a nutty and smooth cheese like gouda or cheddar. The fat content will help balance the ethanol burn from the bourbon while matching the slightly sweet flavor in each sip.

What appetizer goes with whiskey?

Snack mixes that include pretzels, sesame sticks, rye chips and peanuts are a great option to munch on while enjoying whiskey. If you’re thinking of adding nuts, pay attention to the types of nuts as the ones you think might pair well with whiskey do not.

Do peanuts go with bourbon?

There is a lot to love about these bourbon glazed peanuts, but possibly my favorite part is that they’re salty, spicy and sweet all at the same time. Talk about a flavor trifecta! Serve these nuts alongside a glass of Brown Sugar Bourbon! And scroll to the bottom of the this post for more delicious bourbon recipes.

What is the best snacks with whiskey?

Whiskey & Food Pairings

  • Dried Fruits and Nuts. Nuts and fruits are always a great snack.
  • Grilled Steaks. If you’re looking to serve dinner with your whiskey, a safe choice is always grilled steak.
  • Smoked Salmon. If you’re serving bourbon or rye whiskey, you may want to focus on smoked salmon.
  • Apples.
  • Bonus.

What Flavours go with whiskey?

What flavors pair with whiskey?

Here are six of the best mixers for whiskey.

  • Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer. Ginger is the perfect sidekick for whiskey, as its complexity of flavor ranges from sweet to hot, medicinal and earthy, depending on its context and concentration.
  • Vermouth.
  • Soda Water.
  • Coca-Cola.
  • Citrus.
  • Amaro.

Does bourbon pair with cheesecake?

Don’t Skip Dessert Pair rich, creamy desserts such as cheesecake with Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey to evoke the pleasures of a root beer float. Chocolate and bourbon were destined to be together. Which is more complex: a bite of deep, dark chocolate cake, or a taste of Blood Oath Pact No.

What is a good after dinner bourbon?

5 Best Bourbons to Pair with Dessert

  • Michter’s US*1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon. “This relatively new bourbon tends to be more accessible with food, unlike the more aggressive classic bourbons.
  • Angel’s Envy.
  • Noah’s Mill.
  • Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration.
  • W.L. Weller 12 year.

What snacks goes well with whiskey?

What dessert goes with whiskey?