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How do I replace an old class ring?

How do I replace an old class ring?

Contact the company that made the original ring. Ask them if they have a ring replacement program. Some class ring purveyors offer a program in which they will replace a class ring for a discounted price if the ring was lost or stolen. Most of these programs are for people who bought rings within the last ten years.

Can you get a class ring remade?

If a replacement is not in the plan, by contacting the original manufacturer, many times you can find the exact ring style and customize it to replicate your original ring. Find pictures of the ring you lost, or ask a friend from your high school for theirs.

Are college rings real gold?

Class and Championship Rings Most of these pieces consist of 10K gold at 41.3% purity. They are rarely gold-filled or plated, and the stones are typically of little or no value.

Is a 10 karat gold ring worth anything?

The gold has different values presented in karats (capital K). As you might guess, it is not the same if you have a 24K or a 10K ring in your possession. The more karats the ring has, the more precious it is….How to Define Gold Value?

Karats of gold for one gram Price
10 K $ 26.33
14 K $ 36.86
18 K $ 47.39
24 K $ 63.19

Can you order a class ring years later?

It’s never too late to order. If we’re not scheduled to be on campus soon, order online, email, fax or mail your printed order form and we’ll be happy to start your order. You can put down a deposit and make payments if you like. Most senior ring orders take ~4 weeks to arrive!

How much will pawn shop pay for 10k gold ring?

The price of 10k gold varies because there are many local pawn shops that deal on 10k gold. some pawn shops pay around $1250 for an ounce of pure gold. You can get $16.35 per gram for 10k gold jewelry, and 423.50 per gram for 14k gold jewelry.

Is 10k gold worthless?

When you consider this, 10k gold certainly isn’t worthless, and is still of interest to pawn shops. In fact 10k gold is one of the most common purity options in the US, among 14k and 18k. Most pawn shops, Meriden Pawn included, buy 10k gold jewelry.