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Is Sipadan open for diving?

Is Sipadan open for diving?

Sipadan has been closed to tourists since 2004, and there are no land-based resorts on the island. Access is predominantly via day-trip boats from resorts on the nearby islands of Mabul and Kapalai, or Semporna on the mainland.

How do you get to Sipadan Island Malaysia?

Sipadan is reachable only by boat at the end of a journey involving air, land and sea journeys. The airport closest to Sipadan is Tawau airport (TWU), Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. At the moment, there are no direct airlines connection between Singapore and Tawau.

Can you snorkel in Sipadan?

snorkeling sipadan Sipadan is not only for divers! In fact, many of the famous sights at Sipadan can be seen whilst snorkeling. The residential school of thousands of jackfish usually hangs out just below the surface, perfect for snorkelling and freediving.

Can you stay on Sipadan Island?

Sipadan Island Diving Today you can not stay on Sipadan Island, most of the resorts are located on Mabul and Kapalai islands an hour or so away by boat.

Is Sipadan Island Open?

It will open again for operations on the 1st of December 2020. During this recuperation period, diving and snorkeling activities will not be carried out at Sipadan Island.

Do divers get attacked by sharks?

Although Sharks are carnivorous, they do not preferentially prey on scuba divers, or even humans. Sharks do attack humans, but such attacks are extremely rare! A person’s chance of being attacked by a shark in the US is 1 / 11.5million and the chances of being killed is less that 1 / 264.1 million.

How many dive sites are there in Sipadan?

Sipadan has twelve dive sites in all, each with its distinctive features. Locations include the Coral Gardens, White-Tip Avenue, Turtle Patch, Staghorn Crest, Lobster Lair, Hanging Gardens, West Ridge and North Point.

Where is Sipadan Island?

The island of Sipadan lies off the southeast coast of Sabah, a province of Malaysia on the exotic island of Borneo. Long heralded a ‘mecca’ for dive travel, the island has been rated as a world-class dive destination since Jacques Cousteau visited in the early 80s.

What to see at Sipadan?

This is the most famous site at Sipadan and the place to see large schools of pelagics; Barracuda, Jacks, Grey and White Tip Reef Sharks. Current is strong. It is a fast moving, large schools of fish. Many Black & White Tip Reef Sharks, Grey Sharks, massive Green & Hawksbill Turtles as well as large shoals of Jack & Barracuda. Going on a dive trip?

How many fish species are there in Sipadan Island?

/ This area is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world and boasts of over 3000 fish species and several hundred reef species. Located in Celebes Sea and just an hour’s ride from mainland, Sipadan Island is Malaysia’s only oceanic island.