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What is the meaning of the song Ashes to Ashes?

What is the meaning of the song Ashes to Ashes?

Bowie himself said in an interview with NME shortly after the single’s release, “It really is an ode to childhood, if you like, a popular nursery rhyme. It’s about space men becoming junkies (laughs).” Bowie said that the song “wouldn’t have happened” if not for “Inchworm” by Danny Kaye.

Who was in David Bowie Ashes to Ashes video?

Featuring Bowie in the Natasha Korniloff Pierrot costume that became the dominant visual representation of both the Ashes To Ashes single and the Scary Monsters album, the film also brought Steve Strange and other lead players of the burgeoning New Romantic London Blitz scene to the public eye.

Where was Ashes to Ashes video filmed?

Pett Level
David Bowie’s award winning video to his song Ashes to Ashes, made in 1980, was filmed at Pett Level.

What does Ashes to Ashes dust to dust mean?

Origin of ‘Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust’ This began as a Christian phrase used to remember that God always has a plan. Though you’re to return to dust, you’re also to be resurrected by Christ himself when the time comes.

Who played drums on Ashes to Ashes?

David Bowie’s longtime drummer Dennis Davis, who featured on tracks such as “Heroes” and Ashes To Ashes, has died from cancer three months after the singer. The pair’s working relationship began when the musician played on the recording of Young Americans in 1975.

What does funky Monkey mean?

adjective. a funky person. That dude is a funky monkey. See more words with the same meaning: crazy, insane, weird, strange person.

What does it mean when you call someone a punk?

1 : a usually petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian.

What does Major Tom symbolize?

Major Tom is described as a “junkie, strung out in heaven’s high, hitting an all-time low”. This lyric was interpreted as a play on the title of Bowie’s album Low (1977), which was inspired by the withdrawal symptoms he suffered while undergoing treatment for drug addiction.

What kind of alcohol is Brass Monkey?

The Brass Monkey is a cocktail made with dark rum, vodka and orange juice, sold as a premixed cocktail in the 1970’s and 80’s. It was sold by the Heublein Company, which later dissolved in 1998.