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How heavy is a Cannondale Synapse Carbon?

How heavy is a Cannondale Synapse Carbon?

At £4,000, and coming with a Shimano Ultegra R8000 mechanical groupset with alloy components and alloy wheels, the Synapse doesn’t look like the most competitively priced bike….Product.

Price GBP £4000.00
Weight 9.89kg (58cm)
Year 2022
Brand Cannondale

What is Cannondale Synapse made of?

The 2021 Synapse 105 is built around a full carbon frameset with upright geometry designed for comfort on long rides without sacrificing performance. The carbon fork and frame are made from Cannondale’s proprietary BallisTec lightweight carbon construction.

How do I tell what year my Cannondale Synapse is?

This can be found either behind the seat, on the seat adjustment bar bracket, on the bottom of the bike frame, or on the upper rear frame fork, depending on the year.

Is Cannondale synapse a good endurance bike?

Synapse | Endurance Bikes | Cannondale The Synapse is a road bike that’s light, stiff, fast and surprisingly comfortable. Your rides will go longer.

Which Cannondale bike is best for mountain biking?

The Synapse Neo. Cannondale’s First E-Road Bike. This bike is great for people who want to enjoy the mountains but don’t have the strength or the conditioning. …going down, it feels a bit more heavy and a bit more stable… With the disc brakes, it’s golden.

Is synapse the perfect road bike?

Roll smooth, roll fast, roll confident. Wherever the road takes you, roll with Synapse – our most versatile, comfortable, all-around, up-for-anything, pure road machine. Synapse might just be the perfect road bike.

What does synapse neo do for You?

It helps you ride like you normally ride – just a whole lot faster. Synapse NEO is the only Bosch equipped road bike compatible with a double chainring crank, so you can always find the right gear to make the most of the power you have.