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How many students in San Juan Unified?

How many students in San Juan Unified?

39,218 students
San Juan Unified School District contains 68 schools and 39,218 students. The district’s minority enrollment is 50%.

Is San Juan Unified School District good?

San Juan Unified School District is an above average, public school district located in Carmichael, CA. It has 39,740 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 24 to 1. According to state test scores, 37% of students are at least proficient in math and 46% in reading.

How many employees in San Juan Unified School District?


San Juan Unified School District
Students 39,218 (2020–2021)
Teachers 1,710.99 (FTE)
Staff 2,045.11 (FTE)
Student–teacher ratio 22.92:1

Who is the superintendent of San Juan Unified School District?

Superintendent Kent Kern
San Juan Unified

County Sacramento
Superintendent Kent Kern Superintendent [email protected]
Chief Business Official Jennifer Stahlheber Chief Financial Officer (916) 971-7248 [email protected]
Status Active
District Type Unified School District

What school district is Orangevale California?

San Juan Unified School Orangevale
Orangevale Open K-8

County Sacramento
District San Juan Unified
School Orangevale Open K-8
CDS Code 34 67447 6034797
School Address 5630 Illinois Ave. Fair Oaks, CA 95628-2948 Google Map Link opens new browser tab

What schools are in San Juan?

Albert Schweitzer. Elementary. 916-867-2094.

  • Andrew Carnegie. Middle School. 916-971-7853.
  • Arcade Fundamental. Middle School. 916-971-7300.
  • Arden. Middle School. 916-971-7306.
  • Arlington Heights. Elementary. 916-971-5234.
  • Bella Vista. High School. 916-971-5052.
  • Cambridge Heights. Elementary. 916-867-2000.
  • Cameron Ranch. Elementary.
  • How big is San Juan Unified School District?

    Today San Juan Unified is the 11th largest school district in California with an expenditure budget of more than $387 million used to employ more than 5,000 individuals and to educate more than 46,000 students in our early learning, TK-12 and adult programs.

    Why is it called Arden Arcade?

    The name Arden Arcade. “Arden” most likely comes from the fact that Orlando Robertson, owner of the Rancho and developer after Haggin, was originally from Arden Hills, Minnesota. As for “Arcade,” near the site of Haggin’s barns, off Arcade Boulevard, was an “arcade” of native oak trees.

    Is Arden Arcade a city?

    Introduction to Arden-Arcade, California Bordering Arden-Arcade is the California State Capital, the city of Sacramento (to the west) and the community of Carmichael (to the east).

    How many high schools are in San Juan Unified School District?

    16 high schools
    San Juan Unified School District contains 16 high schools.

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    Is Arden Arcade safe?

    Arden Arcade has a crime rate higher than the state average; Google Arden Arcade crime. The area has an usually high combination of gangs, homelessness, mentally ill people, and violent crime. At the very least be alert and aware of your surroundings when in that area.

    Why has Sacramento never annexed Arden Arcade?

    In 2009, the city of Sacramento rekindled interest in eventually merging with the area, but officials said they were “nowhere near” beginning the annexation process and they wouldn’t do so without community support.