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What happened to Agent Rockstar game?

What happened to Agent Rockstar game?

On 19 November 2018, the United States Patent and Trademark Office declared the “Agent” trademark as abandoned. As of October 2021, the official website for Agent redirects to Rockstar Games’ official website and the game is no longer listed on Rockstar’s games page.

Will Rockstar ever release Agent?

Unfortunately for PlayStation fans, it’s looking increasingly likely that Agent is never going to be released and that the game has been quietly canned by Rockstar. That being said, Rockstar still hasn’t officially canceled Agent so there’s the slimmest of slim chances that it could come out one day.

Is AGEnT still in development?

Agent (stylized as AGEnT) is a video game “currently” in development by Rockstar North for the PlayStation 3.

What games are Rockstar developing?

Some are stalled and put on hiatus, some are in early incubation phases, others move to pre-production, and then there’s projects like Grand Theft Auto 6 that are in full production. Reports indicate Rockstar could be working on a Bully sequel and a possible remaster of the original Red Dead Redemption.

Is Guarma real?

Contrary to popular opinion, Guarma is not a part of Cuba. Its political situation is unclear, as it is in the midst of a revolution and violent uprisings against plantation owners. It is an island located to the east of Cuba, between Cuba and Haiti/The Bahamas.

Where is GTA 6 set?

That’s right, it looks like players may be returning to Liberty City, the series fictional take on New York City, when GTA 6 releases.

What happened to Rockstar Agent 2021?

The game’s current status for today (2021) is completely canned, and was killed off silently. The game is no longer on Rockstar Games website, as they put the final nail in the coffin. According to Rockstar Games, Agent is a stealth-action based game, possibly based on the game play of Manhunt, another title from Rockstar.

Is agent coming to Rockstar Games social club?

Rockstar Games have also launched an official website for Agent but says nothing more than ‘coming soon’. The game has also been added to the list of Rockstar’s games with social club compatibility.

Is agent Agent a PS3 game?

Agent (stylized as AGEnT) is a video game “currently” in development by Rockstar North for the PlayStation 3. Agent was first announced by name in 2009, as a PS3 exclusive title developed by Rockstar North – the creators of Rockstar’s acclaimed Grand Theft Auto franchise.