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What services does Nav Canada provide for aviation forecasting?

What services does Nav Canada provide for aviation forecasting?

NAV CANADA is a private, not-for-profit Corporation responsible for the Air Navigation Service (ANS) in Canada, including aviation weather services. NAV CANADA provides a variety of aviation weather information in both text and graphical format for use in flight planning.

Are GFA in ASL or AGL?

Heights in METAR and TAF are always stated as height AGL. On the other hand, heights in graphic area forecasts (GFA) and PIREPs are normally stated as height ASL, since terrain heights are variable over the larger area covered.

How many distinct graphic area forecasts GFA does Nav Canada have covering the Canadian domestic airspace?

Each GFA issue consists of six charts; a near-term forecast, a 6-hour forecast and a 12-hour forecast depicting the clouds and weather (CLDS & WX) and the icing, turbulence & freezing level (ICG/TURBC/FRLVL) conditions.

What is a GFA in aviation?

“The experimental Graphical Forecasts for Aviation is intended to provide the necessary aviation weather information to give users a complete picture of the weather that may impact flight in the continental United States.” The Graphical Forecasts for Aviation (GFA) is a digital product for commercial and general …

How does NAV CANADA make money?

The company’s revenue is predominantly from service fees charged to aircraft operators which amount to about CAD$1.2B annually. Nav Canada also raises revenues from developing and selling technology and related services to other air navigation service providers around the world.

What is LCA on GFA?

LCA means “local” or “locally”. SCT/BKN means that within the area SCT and BKN/OVC clouds are equally distributed. SCT LCA BKN means that clouds are mostly SCT…

Does ForeFlight have GFA?

Graphical Forecasts for Aviation (GFA) will become operational in April | ForeFlight.

Is NAV CANADA a good employer?

NAV Canada has an overall rating of 3.3 out of 5, based on over 200 reviews left anonymously by employees. 55% of employees would recommend working at NAV Canada to a friend and 27% have a positive outlook for the business.

What purpose does the GFA graphical forecast for aviation serve?

Graphical Forecasts for Aviation (GFA) The GFA website is intended to provide the necessary aviation weather information to give users a complete picture of the weather that may affect flight in the continental United States (CONUS).

How accurate is the GFA tool?

The GFA’s cloud top forecast is derived from a computer model (the Rapid Refresh or RAP), and it’s almost 100% automated. This model is fairly accurate with stratiform clouds, but it’s not good at all for deep, moist convection like you find around thunderstorms or fronts.

Is GFA automated?

The GFA is automated whereas the legacy FA is issued by forecasters at the AWC. At some point in the future, forecasters at the AWC will discontinue issuing this textual forecast.


The Graphical Area Forecast (GAF) is designed primarily to meet the needs of pilots flying in the airspace between the surface and 10000 feet above mean sea level (AMSL). GAFs provide information on weather, cloud, visibility, icing, turbulence and freezing level in a graphical layout with supporting text.

Does NAV CANADA pay for training?

Offer: You are eligible for a paid training opportunity with NAV CANADA. To fully qualify for training, you will need to meet all pre-employment conditions such as, security clearance, medical requirements, and drug testing (including cannabis).

How hard is NAV CANADA?

The training is intense and requires hard work. Not all students will be successful, but they are supported by peers, instructors and the Company throughout.

How do I contact Nav Canada flight planning?

Flight Planning Supporting aircraft flights and drone operations Information and resources to pilots, drone operators and other flight operations personnel. Contact Us Head Office 77 Metcalfe Street Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5L6 Telephone1-613-563-5588 Toll Free1-800-876-4693 [email protected]

What is Nav Canada?

Exploitant national de services de navigation aérienne civile, NAV CANADA est une société sans capital-actions du secteur privé qui trouve son financement par l’émission de titres de créance sur le marché public.

How do I contact the Canadian aviation service?

K1P 5L6 Telephone1-613-563-5588 Toll Free1-800-876-4693 [email protected] NOTE: Flight operations personnel who require immediate assistance with weather, flight planning/CFPS or NOTAM briefings, please click on the link below.

What kind of jobs are available at Nav Canada?

Careers at NAV CANADA Air Traffic Controller Flight Service Specialist Business and Operational Support Technical Services Technologist Join Our Team Current OpportunitiesOpen a new window What Sets Us Apart FAQ My NAV CANADAOpen a new window The Future Our Strategic Direction Where We’re Headed Trajectory-based Operations Airspace Modernization